Sunday, May 13, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

This week was National Teacher Appreciation week. Our parents and PTO always do the sweetest things for the teachers and staff. Here are some of the goodies I got this week. (I love all my gifts but couldn't possibly post them all!)

Teachers are "Tea" riffic! I got this cup with lots of different flavor packets to use. Super cute!

I'm pretty sure this parent found this idea from Pinterest. It's a 2 liter bottle with part of the bottle cut open. Its filled with all kinds of goodies.

Below is the poem that was in the bottle! Too cute!!

See how its cut open?

These are all the goodies that were in the bottle.

These are the flowers my mom and dad got me for district service awards. I LOVE sunflowers!
The white rose was given to the Teachers of the Year throughout the district at service awards.

This is something I found on Pinterest and made for some of my co-workers and myself. Vanilla Coke is a staple of my classroom, though I try to enjoy it in moderation. :)

You can print your own sign from this blog.

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