Monday, June 11, 2012

Teaching is Like a Party

Today I went to Day 1 of a two day workshop with Kim Sutton from Creative Mathematics. This past year I wrote a grant to purchase quite a bit from her catalog thanks to our district's wonderful Education Foundation.

As teachers, I feel that we get overwhelmed by "new and updated" curriculum, ever changing student expectations, and the newest standardized test that students have to pass. What I like about Creative Mathematics, is that it can fit into any curriculum. She takes basic math concepts and makes them fun for students. She finds ways to challenge a student and makes it easy to differentiate for students as well. I'm excited to teach math this year because I can start from the beginning with setting a better foundation of number sense with our students. Now before you go buying everything on her website, check with your co-workers. Chances are they probably have some of her books.

This is something that Kim said today regarding teaching math
 and how students come to understand math.

It just made me laugh because isn't that true?!?! We're so excited when it finally clicks for the student who has been struggling with a concept all year. Welcome to the party!!
(If you can't laugh and have a little bit of fun with your job, you're not going to last very long.)

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