Sunday, July 22, 2012

School Supply Shopping Trip # 3

Previously I mentioned how frustrated I was that Staples changed their policy on Extreme Deals Teacher Limits. Once again, I understand why Staples needed to change their policy. It's just a little frustrating as a teacher to have to pay all the upfront costs and get the money back in Staples Rewards. I still decided to participate in the deals, knowing that I could get a lot of products that I used for really cheap. The policy change just means I'm being selective on which Extended Limits deals I am participating in each week.For example, I entitled this Shopping Trip #3 because I did go to Staples last week but did not participate in the Extreme Deals Extended Limits for teachers.

 Staples still has great weekly deals on school supplies if you pay attention to their ads.

Here is the breakdown of my haul at Staples this week:

12 packages of Pencil Cap Erasers*
25 packages of index cards*
2 packages of Die Cut Post Its
4 packages of Neon Flag Stickies
4 packages of Sharpie 4ct Highlighters

*Indicates 2 regular limit, 25 Extended Teacher Limit with 100% back in Staples Rewards

Retail Value: $62.48
Used 15% Off "Back to School Savings Pass": ($5.75)
Paid In Store: $35.30
*Expected Rewards Estimate*: $30.00

The rewards will be issued at the end of the month for use in August at Staples. I'm still learning about the Staples Rewards program as I have not used it in the past.

I used the index cards all the time last year. The index cards played a huge role in my Guided Reading groups and small group teaching. We made index cards for sight words, building sentences, etc.

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