Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Readers Notebook

Today I learned how to make a CUTE readers notebook out of scrapbook paper and a composition book.
Prep: 12X12 scrapbook paper. Cut 3 inches off the side of the paper. This will leave you with a 3X12 strip and a 9X12 (almost letter) size piece of paper. You need 2 of the 9X12 pieces of paper and one contrasting color of the 3X12 piece of paper.
Composition Book
Glue Stick
2 pieces of 9X12 pieces of scrapbook paper
1 piece of 3X12 piece of scrapbook paper
Packing tape
Here is my notebook with my scrapbook paper

Use the 3X12 piece of paper to cover the spine of the book. Use the notebook to make a crease in the paper. Fold the paper under to create a piece of paper that will fit to the spine. Put glue on the both sides of the notebook and wrap the paper over to cover the spine.

This shows the back of the notebook with the paper wrapped around the spine.

Seal the line of paper to the notebook with a stip of packaging tape.

Now cover the entire front of the notebook with glue.

Cover the notebook with one of the pieces of the scrapbook paper.

This actually shows the back being covered. But its the same process for both sides.

Now wrap the scrapbook paper around the notebook like you are wrapping a gift. Use packaging tape to seal the edges.
Leave a small gap as you fold the corners so that the paper has a little give when opened.

See small gap!
This is another view of the wrapping of the cover.
Once the cover is wrapped you can seal the spine paper and the cover paper with packaging tape.
These are the tabs created for our Readers Notebook.
Tada! Here is the front and back of my Readers Notebook. Next step is to add stickers and photos. Then seal the whole notebook with packaging tape.

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