Tuesday, November 27, 2012

College Readiness Week

As I mentioned previously, this summer I attended the No Excuses University seminar in Dallas, TX with a co-teacher and our administrative team. Our district brought a team from each elementary.The seminar was AWESOME and I recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to go!  
College readiness is the idea that students are prepared to go to college, if they choose to do so.
We have decided on our elementary campus that our students are COLLEGE BOUND!
Each teacher adopted a 4 year university for their classroom to learn about. Every classroom in the building has a different university.
The teachers decorated their classroom doors to show their school spirit!
My classroom adopted Texas Christian University! Go Frogs!
Each day of the week we had a theme for our kids to participate:
Monday - We're kicking off College Readiness Week! Wear your boots!
Tuesday - Our future is so bright we have to wear shades!
Wednesday - Education is tied to our future! Wear tie-dye or a tie!
Thursday - Hats off to College!
Friday - School Spirit - Wear your favorite university gear!
Hook Em Horns and Gig Em Aggies! Coming together for the future of our students!

My co-teacher and I also created this bulletin board earlier in the year. It shows where each teacher attending college.

As a project for the week, every 3rd - 5th grader was expected to create a poster about a university they were interested in learning more about. Our hallways are now decorated with these fabulous posters! It was awesome to see universities represented that weren't in Texas.
More pictures to come of the awesome things happening on our campus!

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