Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I ♥ Scholastic Book Clubs

Incase you were wondering...I LOVE SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS!

Using their online website is so easy! I even setup a webpage for parents to order online. This has helped the process tremendously. When the catalog comes in the mail I add the order online to my "Class Page." I email out a recommendation list on my parent distribution list through Microsoft Outlook. Parents are able to order and pay online. I don't have to deal with any checks or anything. I submit the order (and add any books that I want) then the shipment comes in with details on who ordered what books. It is so easy!

Plus, Scholastic Bonus Points proram has helped me earn a TON of free books for my classroom. The kids love it, I love it. It's just a great program. If you haven't signed it now!!

PS - If you are a new customer and you mention that I shared the info for you we can both earn bonus points. :)

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