Monday, January 23, 2012

Love And Logic

"Teaching with Love and Logic" has become a staple in my classroom. I really don't think I would have managed and been successful over the past year without it. I've heard some people say that teaching gets easier as you go along. While some aspects have become easier, I feel that each year I have been challenged in new ways to improve my interactions with students and therefore improving learning.

I've also heard some teachers say that L&L was natural to them and was apart of their classroom before they could label it as such. Not for me. It wasn't until last year that I was sent to a L&L workshop that I really began to look at how I interacted with my students. I was never mean or anything, I just felt like sometimes I was carrying all their issues and they never had any responsibility for their actions. The whole warning and conduct mark system just didn't work.

I continue to use a conduct mark system in my room as that is part of our communication with parents on the daily interactions within our classroom. However now I try to focus more on the behaviors and the problem that is causing the behavior.

If you're a teacher and you've never heard of Love and Logic I cannot recommend their materials enough. They have books, audio CDs and even clips on you tube about working with children. This includes information for parents!

In the future I plan to blog more about how L&L has helped me become a better teacher. Im still learning and changing the way I think about discipline and classroom management. I feel as if all universities should add a L&L management course (or at the very least a book) to their curriculum.

So go check it out!

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