Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guided Reading Binder

Now that I'm in my 5th year teaching, I have realized that I will continue to learn and improve on my reading instruction. It's like I feel like I've finally got the hang of something, then I watch another teacher and I'm like oh, I like that! I love learning from others and I love teaching reading.

My simple binder. Maybe I should decorate it?

One thing that has really helped me is keeping a binder on my reading groups. Nothing spectacular. Just a binder.

I created a spreadsheet based on "The Art of Teaching Writing" and a list from Becky Koesel. This is where I record the books that my students are reading, dates that we discussed different skills, and any other notes on student's reading. I keep a spreadsheet on each student. This is mainly for parent conferences and intervention meetings with our administrative team.

My binder is organized by DRA level. I put students names on post it notes on the outside of the folder tab that indicates their instructional DRA level. The spreadsheet goes behind the tab. I used to create group names or numbers, but the groups are meant to be fluid. So rather than a student having to remember what group they are in, I just call the students each time.

I recently revamped my schedule and started using Becky Koesel's Guided Reading lesson plan. I am hoping that this will maximize my reading instruction time.

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